Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is transforming finance on a global scale. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and dozens of other incumbents are competing for dominance. Early adopters have become millionaires overnight, and others have lost their shirts because they made completely avoidable mistakes such as not backing up their digital wallets.

Millions of people already invest and save a significant portion of their monthly income in online currencies and have experienced unprecedented returns because of their fixed supply and increasing demand. The current value of all cryptocurrency in the world is estimated at 20 Billion USD as of 2017/04/04.

While this is a drop in the global money supply bucket, it is entirely probable that one or more decentralized cryptocurrencies will become valuable than the current global reserve currency over the next decade as their usefulness, convenience, and universality become undeniable.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and want to get in early, the best way is to learn how from a seasoned veteran.

Disclaimer: I am not offering investment advice of any kind. I am not a broker or licensed for financial services of any kind. I do not buy or sell any of these cryptocurrencies to my clients. My services are limited to helping you understand how these new technologies work, how to secure your funds from theft and to help you understand the risks and rewards.

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