Security Audit & Best Practices

When it comes to banking and personal information, Online Security and Best Practices are more important than ever. A 1-hour session is normally enough to address all the major concerns, and I am able to spend as little or as much time you as you need to reach the level of security appropriate for you. This is my typical run-down for clients concerned about security:
  • Review your current Antivirus/Antimalware software and settings.
  • Review list of installed software and remove any unnecessary programs.
  • Review files in your downloads folder.
  • Clean registry and clear temp files.
  • Inspect network traffic.
  • Install other pending and critical updates.
  • Discuss your password strategy and see if you should be upgrading your passwords and using a password manager.
  • Check for browser updates and review add-ins.
  • Possibly install Trusteer Rapport.
    • Trusteer Rapport was acquired by IBM in 2014 for 1B USD. It is recommended and endorsed by most of the major banks and financial institutions as an effective tool for mitigating increasingly sophisticated malware-based online banking fraud schemes. The software is comprehensive and powerful, but may slow down your system. We would need to carefully evaluate the resources and the need before installing.

  • Discuss creating account and installing on mobile.
    • agregates all of your banking and credit card transactions into an easy to audit list. Bank transactions show up instantly on your mobile app allowing you to keep tabs on your spending and watch for fraud in near real-time. Mint also presents you with easy to use personal finance tools such as automatic budgets and goals.
  • Discuss what information you share on social networks.
    • Do you publish your real birthday? It's nice to have your friends wishing you happy birthday, but why not subtract a few days so you get those wishes early and throw cybercriminals some bad data to work with.
In my 25 years of computing, I have yet to become a victim of any online threat or fraud. This is because I take the time to understand the systems and implement best practices so that I don't become a statistic. For a free initial consultation, please contact me today.